Video Killed The Radio Star

Take a video tour of our Furnished Model Home right now.

posted Sep 1, 2015 by Jeff Click

Our Furnished Model Home in SH/FT at Silverhawk, furnished by Suburban Contemporary Furniture, is ready for its close-up!
Our newest furnished model, based on The Avodah Plan, and furnished by our friends at Suburban Contemporary Furniture, is open Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5pm, or by private showing at a time that's good for you. But don't wait until then!

You can check out a full video tour and see this home in all its stylish glory right now. The Avodah Plan is inspired by farmhouse architecture infused with tasteful urban and contemporary elements, and is yet another example of why Jeff Click Homes is the leading provider of contemporary and modern homes in Oklahoma City and Edmond.

Are We A Match Made In Heaven?

Our Partner Company Is Hiring

posted Nov 8, 2013 by Jeff Click

Are you looking to work in a stylish and up-scale casual environment full of interaction with others? Would you enjoy being the first point of contact for clients, visitors, and tenants, while representing a collaborative group of creative companies active in real estate development? Are you able to handle a fascinating array of responsibilities ranging from showing available office spaces and maintaining tenant relations, to light bookkeeping and minding the details that keep our office running smoothly?
Are you looking to work in a stylish and up-scale casual environment full of interaction with others? Would you enjoy being the first point of contact for clients, visitors, and tenants, while representing a collaborative group of creative companies active in real estate development? Are you able to handle a fascinating array of responsibilities ranging from showing available office spaces and maintaining tenant relations, to light bookkeeping and minding the details that keep our office running smoothly?

We're looking to add a new member to our team to serve as our Director of Services, so if your answer is an enthusiastic, smile-filled “Yes!" to all of these questions, we’d love to talk further with you.

Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:
- Serving as the personable first-point-of-contact for visitors and callers for our companies
- Gladly taking care of the needs of visitors and callers as-trained
- Taking messages and getting them to the right staff member
- Receiving, documenting, and entering lease payments from tenants
- Showing available office space to and preparing leases for prospective tenants
- Assess office supply and grocery needs and shop for as needed
- Regularly check adjoining office spaces and address any needs
- Check mailboxes and lockboxes, sort mail, and receive packages
- Opening and organizing mail for distribution to other staff

Skills and experience that will help put you at the top of our list for consideration:
- Competency in both verbal and written communication
- A strong familiarity and comfort level using a Mac
- Competency in email communication and internet research
- A basic understanding of book keeping data entry in QuickBooks and Excel
- A get-it-done attitude, no matter what the task…even if it’s changing a lightbulb or tidying up a bathroom.

The Director of Services position is open for possible immediate hiring, and compensation is hourly, scaled according to skill set and experience levels. Typical hours of operation are M-F, 8am - 4pm, with major Holidays off.

If you think you think this is a match made in Heaven, contact with a brief (100 words or less) description of why you’re “the one”, along with an attached resume.

WTFF: Let There Be Light

Another fascinating gadget going on (and off) here at Jeff Click Homes.

posted Feb 1, 2012 by

We've got some fascinating gadgets going on (and off) here at Jeff Click Homes. This next little number is indisputably called "The Proximity Sensing Switch". Because, well, it does just that! It actually senses motion. Coming from our Media Director, Jonathan Youngblood: "Need a light? Boom. Done. Don't even think about it."
Need a light on? Boom. Done. Don't even think about it.

Not only does this thing look cool, but the versatility of the switch is what makes it even cooler. In most cases, you leave the switch on auto so that when it senses motion, it automatically turns on. We know your little mind is coming up with some "Yeah, but what if?" So, hold that because this thing is not only smart, it's genius and practical, too.

Women: if you're putting on makeup in the morning or slipping into the tub for a nice, relaxing soak, you can turn it on just like a normal light switch, and it stays on. This keeps from it turning on and off during times of limited motion.

It costs us $45 more, but we do it for you in every bathroom. It's cheaper than hiring someone to do it for you.

Guys: this thing is great for you, too, picture it...those late night trips to the bathroom, you're half zombified, the last thing you really want to do is wander around for a light switch when you end up touching your toothbrush, bar of soap, etc. And let's be honest, you're not always 100% accurate with the "aiming-in-the-dark" thing, so this will narrow down any chances of getting in the doghouse when the wifey wakes up.

Off, Auto, On. You decide.

You can even adjust the amount of time that the light stays on after it senses motion. It can be adjusted by simply removing a couple of the screws and adjusting a dial on the backside of the switch. The cost per unit on the Proximity Sensing Switch is $45 over a regular decora style switch, but we cover the cost for every bathroom in your house.

Think about the long run, you save $$ and energy. And that's a beautiful thing...just not as beautiful, though, as when the switch rats you out in a game of hide-and-seek with the kids.

WTFF: The Kink-Rethink

A simple solution to "just tucking that thing away."

posted Jan 18, 2012 by

Sometimes a little "been there, done let's improve this at Jeff Click Homes" enigma pops up in rather tucked-away places. In this case of this week's "What the Feature?! Friday," we encourage you to forget about tucking anything away, as we have come up with a sweet cubby hole for none other than the flimsy, foil-esqe, 4" tubing that attaches on to the back of a clothes dryer. It's anything but glamourous, but quite obviously a necessity.
Rats! Foiled again...not! At least in a JCH home. Plug your foiled dryer duct right into our sweet cubby.

"This has to be one of the most unnoticed features in our homes" says Brodie Tucker, our community manager. "However, it is quite a role player in the overall design and function in all of our mud/laundry rooms. In most cases, 4"-6" doesn't make a big difference..." Hold that thoughtwe're going to cut right here and give you Jeff's libretto on why it DOES make a big difference, especially when it comes to the newer styled front-loading washers and dryers.

Click To Enlarge

Click To Enlarge

"After I lived in a home whose utility room lacked the few necessary inches to enable a door to freely open without almost bumping the dryer, I knew we had to start thinking more about this. The door had a hard time opening due to the dryer having to be about 4" away from the wall to keep the duct from kinking. While at the International Builder Show, I discovered a stainless steel inset panel which allows an additional 4" for your dryer vent duct to turn upwards and connect to the exterior dryer vent. It saves kinks in the duct, which means less stress on your dryer, and clothes dry more quickly."

It could be said that we've left the "gettin' kinky" stuff for what it's really intended for...not dryer ducts.

The toil with foil ends here.

And since every inch of a JCH home is smart and beautiful, why would we leave the laundry room to suffer? Our stager, Sharen Polkinghorne appreciates the gesture because from a design standpoint, you can make a lot of difference in a smaller space with more square footage and walk around space.

This is a standard amenity in ALL of our new homes in Oklahoma City and Edmond, and we spend around $50 more for this "freeture" over just a basic sleeve that sticks out of other builders' walls.

Smart, simple fixes. Why didn't we think of that first? Oh wait, we did.

A few Fridays a month, we post a new WTFF, or "What the Feature?! Friday" blurb scoping in on special elements of our homes that make us one unique thumbprint. Some are standard features, some are options, but all have a cool story.

We Love Connectedness

JCH talks tech and trends with The Oklahoman's Real Estate Magazine.

posted Dec 19, 2011 by

The Saturday Oklahoman's Real Estate Magazine recently gave JCH some love with a feature story. The topic? How Technology and Current Trends are Affecting New Home Design. So, naturally, The Oklahoman came to us and one of the best remodellers in Oklahoma City, A Karen Black Company, for some insight on the matter. We'll let the feature story speak for itself as to its focus: "technology has changed the game in entertaining, replacing bulky televisions and stereos with more streamlined devices that take up less space and draw music and movies wirelessly through the Internet."

Our "Luxe Entertainment Wall", an option in the Mello plan, gives asymmetrical balance to a large flat
panel display, keeping it from becoming a bulky focal point.

We know a thing or two about "connectedness" in the home. We use it in a multi-faceted way encouraging both physical and virtual connections. So the feature uses our our Mello furnished model home located in the Silverhawk addition to illustrate how the use of space can encourage social connectivity (the physical). We also believe that seamless, and in some cases, concealed, integration of technology plays a major role in design (the virtual). For example, our flat panel display serves as a complement to, rather than the focal point of, our "Luxe Entertainment Wall" in the great room of our Mello model home.

The Mello Great Room

The Mello Media Room

The Mello Powder Bath

The story also touches on other amenities and design considerations for social aspects of the home, mentioning our built-in dining table that seats up to 6 (8 if you include the bar), which can be both formal and casual. But not all of our design and tech comes in big packages. "Some of the most appreciated items seem to be the simplest: motion sensor lights in the bathrooms, Touch 2 O Faucet in the kitchen, or the simple shiny button (Disposal Switch)," says our Sales Manager, Brodie Tucker, regarding other nice touches in the model.

Our built-in dining table is as formal or as casual as you want it to be.

This, friends, is why Jeff Click Homes is known as leader in both design trends and in the implementation of new technologies into its homes. Given Jeff's formal background in technology and software development, it's no wonder he's the go-to guy as a thought leader on the topic.

"Connectedness" = our design philosophy. Read up on it by checking out the full feature story on Jeff Click Homes at NewsOK.