Q: Can we or someone we know perform work on our house while you build it?
This is not something I permit for a number of reasons:

  • Using the same trades in every house establishes a standard of quality and timing, not to mention valuable synergy and familiarity among the trades whose work often depends on and affects the work of another.
  • In many of my trade and supplier categories, I have committed to exclusive agreements to only use them.
  • Some of my trades work exclusively for me since I can provide them with a steady stream of work, moving them from project to project. Introducing an alternative trade or supplier would adversely disrupt this flow.
  • Consistently utilizing the same trades and suppliers provides accountability and reliability in the warranty process.  When a trade or supplier relies on me for future work, it further ensures that they will honor and service previous work.

| jC

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Last Updated: 7.8.2019