Q: How much are lots, and are they included in the purchase price?
Unless you already own the land I am building on, then yes, the lot is rolled into the Purchase Price of the home.  While the base price of all of my plans do have an associated "lot budget", any difference in the cost of the lot you choose will affect the Purchase Price of the home respectively.  

Lot prices will vary based on many factors, including:

  • Community / neighborhood (Each developer sets his prices to sell to builders.)
  • Size (Larger lot = more land = higher price, plus possibly more prep work, sod, etc.)
  • Premium features (greenbelt, cul-de-sac, waterfront)
  • Site conditions (special grading, tree clearing, retaining walls, etc.)
Considering the differences in pricing among your favored lots is something we navigate together as we narrow down the scope of your project in consideration with your preferences and budget.  | jC

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Last Updated: 7.8.2019