Q: What does it mean when an available home is marked Coming Soon?
You may have noticed a few homes labeled as "Coming Soon" in the available homes section of the site.  These are homes that are in  varying stages of design and/or construction that are reserved for sale later in the process.

"So you won't let us buy this home if we really want it?", you may be asking.

Not just yet.  I do this for one or more of several reasons:

  1. Spec homes (homes I'm building without a buyer yet involved) are where I experiment with new ideas, amenities, and looks.  I may have a very specific vision for this home that I want to ensure is implemented.  Selling the home before that vision is fulfilled may require a change in the vision.  While selling a home is good, it can sometimes adversely affect my creative process and prevent me from being able to evolve the aesthetic and qualitative aspects of my homes over time.
  2. I have a finite capacity for the number of clients I can adequately serve at one time.  Nearly 3/4 of my projects underway are customized builds, which are significantly more time and resource-intensive projects than spec homes.  When I'm at or near that capacity, I still have spec projects gearing up for the production pipeline, but I mark these as "Coming Soon" to let you know what's coming while helping to protect my ability to remain focused on adequately serving clients already contracted.
  3. I don't yet fully have all of the design or details worked out to properly facilitate its sale.  There are hundreds of decisions and details that need to be worked out to get a home started.  This is a time-consuming process which may have implications on price or may require modification to design as the process unfolds.  That becomes more tedious to navigate if I have put the home under contract under certain assumptions that may need to change through that process. It's definitely better to operate under as much certainty as possible when a client is involved.
  4. I may have multiple potential buyers interested in the project.  More often than not, my spec homes sell before they are completed.  In some cases, I may have multiple buyers interested in it.  In those cases, and in consideration of the other factors cited above, it's fairer to put the home on "Coming Soon" status and implement a date at which offers would be considered.  This gives me the time to finalize as many specifics as possible so prospective buyers have as clear familiarity with the home's details and finishes as possible before making a commitment.

If you are interested in a home that I have marked as "Coming Soon," I still encourage you to reach out to me to let me know and to ask any questions you might have about it.  I frequently update each project's page with new information, photos, and other details as they are determined, so I also encourage you to bookmark that page and check in from time to time to monitor developments.

See a discrepancy, or have a question you don't see here? Let me know!
Last Updated: 7.24.2019