Q: What key decisions do I need to make to get my new home started?

  1. Budget
  2. Location
  3. Plan

The Budget

You can look at your budget a couple of different ways: What can I afford in a monthly payment? - or - What can I afford in the total purchase price?  There is definitely a correlation between these two, but it can also differ greatly depending on the size of down payment you are able to make.  

The best way to determine the answer to the question of "What is my budget?" is to reach out to an experienced home mortgage lender.  The preferred lender for Jeff Click Design | Build is Heather Bomar / The Bomar Team of Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc.  

Through a simple form on their web site and a brief consultation call, you can generally get a solid feel for what your total price and desired monthly payment should be.  Another perk of using Heather and her team is that once you've gone through this process, they immediately provide the necessary Pre-Qualification documentation I need to move forward in getting your home started.


Once you've determined your budget, that will help you identify which Jeff Click Design | Build Community might be best for your needs and budget.  Perhaps it's the school district, or maybe the amenities, or the general size of homes being built there, these are all factors you might consider in choosing a community.  

Each community I build in has an information page, which includes this kind of information, along with a list of lots I have available in that community. (Note that not all communities will show a list of lots, as some developers prefer to sell lots to their qualified builders on a first-come, first served basis, as opposed to a pre-determined list of lots.  If you don't see any lots listed, please contact me directly to inquire about availability.)


Once you know your budget, and you've narrowed down a community or two that works for you, it's time to see which Jeff Click Design | Build Plans suit your needs that are buildable within the communities in which you are interested.  Note that not every plan is available to be built in every community.  

Factors that determine a plan's buildability within a community most will be square footage (Is the plan's size and base price reasonably in line with other homes being built in the community?) and exterior architectural compatibility (Is the plan's front view and roofline compatible with the developer's architectural standards?  If not, can the plan be adapted to meet those standards?).  

To summarize, I recommend you first get pre-qualified and determine your purchase budget, determine which Jeff Click Design | Build communities might suit your needs and tastes. Finally, narrow down 1-3 of my modern home designs that might be a fit, then reach out to me to further discuss which plan might be the best choice on all of the above factors.  | jC

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Last Updated: 7.8.2019