Q: What kind of time commitment should we prepare for through the building process?
My customized building process is designed with both efficiency, and respect for your time, in mind.  Our collaboration takes place in a number of ways from start to finish, including a well-organized series of focused, in-person appointments, as well as regular online discussion and review.

A typical home-building process would involve the following time commitments:

  • Contract & Pre-Design (1 Meeting, 1-3 Hours) Once you're pre-qualified and have narrowed down your budget, community, and likely floorplan choice (See "What should we have done before we meet with you?"), we will meet to review pricing and establish a redline of the customization we are doing to your individualized version of your chosen floorplan.  At that time, we are able to sign the paperwork necessary to formally get the process started.  This meeting is held at my office.
  • Final Plan Review (1 Meeting, 1-2 Hours) Within a few weeks of formalizing the agreement, I will have your draft of plans ready for review.  I send these to you electronically along with a thought-provoking checklist of things to consider in advance of our Plan Review meeting.  This meeting is held during normal business hours at my office.
  • Design Session 1 (1 Meeting, 1-2 Hours) Within about a month from the previous Final Plan Review meeting, we begin making our first decisions on exterior finishes, colors, and the technical aspects of your home.  In this appointment, we finalize brick & any other exterior materials and colors, flooring and wet area tile, and we diagram electrical & media infrastructure.  We also hit a few quick details that are useful to have locked in early in the process.  This meeting is held during normal business hours at my flooring showroom.
  • Lighting Selections (1 Meeting, 1-2 Hours) After Design Session 1, you are then in a position to meet with my lighting representative at the lighting gallery.  My rep will be fully briefed on your home and will have the plans and electrical diagram produced in our previous meeting.  This is the only design-related meeting you do without me, and this meeting can often be facilitated on a weekend with advanced scheduling.
  • Design Session 2 (1 Meeting, 1-2 Hours) 4-6 weeks after Design Session 1, we meet again to finalize remaining choices.  This includes counter tops, backsplash, interior paint colors, and any other loose ends we need to tie up.  This meeting is held during normal business hours at my flooring showroom.
  • ProHome Inspection & Walk-Through (1 Meeting, 2-3 Hours)  7-10 days prior to closing, you will meet a representative from my Warranty facilitator, ProHome.  Their representative will give you a comprehensive orientation to, and inspection of, the home.  This is where you will provide your input to my comprehensive checklist of items to adjust, correct, and polish (known as the "Punch List") leading up to closing.  This meeting is held during normal business hours at your future home.
  • Pre-Closing Walk-Through & Closing (2 Back-To-Back Events on Closing Day, 1 Hour Each) On the morning of closing, I will meet you at your home for a personal orientation and review of your completed punch list.  This is a fun prelude to officially making the place yours, and I enjoy teaching you the ins-and-outs of the home that may not be common knowledge or readily obvious.  From there, we head together to closing at the title company.  These meetings are held during business hours, and closing must be on a non-bank-holiday.

Aside from these meetings, communication and collaboration take place online using my Clickbuild.io system, which facilitates and logs our communication and decisions made.  Should any special circumstances necessitate an additional meeting, that can be arranged.  For clients who may not yet be local, I am no stranger to handling this process virtually without any actual in-person meetings. 

You will also need to plan time as needed in working with your lender to ensure your loan is ready in time for closing, which is a process that will vary based on your chosen lender.  (I'm generally not involved in your lending process, though I'm happy to provide any insight or advice you might need in that area.)

A note about meeting times: Occasionally I am requested to meet on nights or weekends, and unfortunately due to family commitments, this is not a practice I am able to accommodate.  My work days usually begin at 4:30AM (early mornings are the most effective times to advance schedules with my trades and suppliers, freeing up the day for job site visits and appointments) and end at 5PM.  I'm often checking in on scheduling and communication from my trades in the off-hours, and throughout the weekend.  That's an average of well over 60 hours per week committed to work, and like most other professionals (physicians, attorneys, and other service providers) I aim to keep my work within business hours.  If you anticipate that not being compatible with your schedule or expectations, please be sure to visit with me about this before committing to the process.  | jC

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Last Updated: 7.17.2019