Oh, the outrage.
I’m no stranger to taking arrows for building a non-traditional product. Heck, my slogan is “I specialize in different.” It comes most often from neighbors whose homes are more traditional in architectural style, as though a mix of tasteful eclecticism is somehow a detriment to a community. Usually when this happens, I do what I do, deal with the drama, and aim to keep my clients out of it.

I’m told this home…a blend of coastal modern bungalow...outraged some neighbors to the point they sought to meet with the developer about it, and demanded that I change the original front door color because it was too bold for their…their, not my client’s...tastes.


Here’s the finished product with a more muted color choice after the change required, along with a little preview of the interior (more to come here on insta, or you can see the photo tour now via the link in the bio), and the last photo in the stack being a shot of the door before it was changed from that offensive, atrocious, depreciatingly-bold color.

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