1718 NE 16th
A truly modern-farmhouse hybrid to help re-invent a historic corner of inner-OKC.
7128 NW 146th
A Scandinavian-modern inspired version of a proven floorplan.
7124 NW 146th
A 4-bedroom version of a popular floorplan, plus a number of signature add-on amenities.
1716 NE 16th
The launch-build of a new plan in a new-again community. Introducing the XX-One Plan.
7232 NW 146th
The XXOne Plan proves its cross-over versatility, with a more muted front elevation as the yin to its more sophisticated interior yang.
7408 NW 158
The Aria Plan, with a fresh, forward-thinking architectural refresh.
1117 NW 56 - Unit A
Adventurous sense of adventure, taste, and budget? Stay tuned for this one-of-four ultra-modern homes in the heart of high-end OKC.