On Gourmet Kitchens & Chef-Grade Vino Solutions

So you’d better be on your kitchen A-game when you design and build a kitchen for a bona-fide chef who has an appreciation for fine wines. I think real estate marketing is riddled with hyperbole and "over-adjectivizing” to make up for a lackluster product or photo, so this will probably be the only time you witness me calling out a “gourmet kitchen”. I think if there ever is such a thing, this would qualify since it was built for a gourmet chef.

Oh, and the wine rack. The client trusted me to “make it unique and amazing,” so I cooked up this custom-welded steel cabled wine rack that not only pairs well with the steel hand railing for the elevated floor, but also keeps the bottles tilted forward to keep that cork wet at all times while aging on display…in this gourmet kitchen. | jC •
Site Search: 7235-NW159T
Floor plan: #Aman
Feature: #GourmetKitchen
Address: 7325 NW 159th Terr
Community: Rockwell Parke
Availability as of post: SOLD/Custom

More photos of this via the link in bio!

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My lower-priced homes get the same full treatment from inception to completion as my larger and custom homes. This sketch is depicting a refresh of the elevation of my little Virtus plan, which is about to get its final build for the foreseeable future. 

7129 NW 146 will be $229.9k, and held off the market until the end of Summer when it will be nearing completion. Offers accepted beginning 9.1.19.

The yin and the yang of black and white.

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It began with a sketch...

In the spirit of "before and after" shots, here is my original sketch of the elevation for this re-designed Aria elevation as compared to the final product. Custom-built from the ground up for clients in Rockwell Parke, I tweaked a few windows and minor details, but the outcome was pretty true to the vision.

...and ended up this.

Be sure to check out the full album of visuals from 15708 Langley Way".  

Here are a few of my favorite views that just made my eyes feel good:

I’m frequently asked what led me to specialize in contemporary and modern design. I answered this question and more this weekend in @news_ok ‘s annual Outlook feature in which @revmize looks at OKC’s past, present, and future of residential design.
XXOne. Ex-Ex-One. Twenty-One. It doesn't matter to me what you call it, but the name is derived from the fact that this is the first home design after my twentieth anniversary year as a builder, and is an exercise in trying to capture as much of what I've learned about design and to transmit that into a special arrangement of space. It's also designed with the NE16 re-development in mind, an Oklahoma City Urban Renewal - awarded project, where I'm building eight modern styled homes within a single block in an historic neighborhood just outside of downtown Oklahoma City.
I drew a line
I drew a line for you
Oh what a thing to do
And it was all yellow --Coldplay •

Strength, honor, and character. It's what "Virtus" means in Latin, and it was the apropos name for this plan because of its design strengths and modern character, symbolized by its vertical architectural accent on its front elevation.

At just over 1,700 square feet, The Virtus plan delivers in all the right spaces, including large master suite, 2 spacious bedrooms, plus a smaller 4th bedroom/study with closet. All this, along with an exceptional open great room and kitchen with built-in table.
Perhaps my favorite aspect of design is exploring new ways to skin a familiar elevation. You can watch 2108 Heavenly Dr grow up, and even make it yours if you want to because it's for sale.

Some additional visuals: