The Aria Plan
The rooftop deck that everyone's talking about.
Media Room, Party Deck
Plan Description
Let's just cut right to the chase...that rooftop deck, though. I know, right? When I introduced the first plan for SHIFT at Silverhawk, The Aliyah Plan, I had no idea how wildly popular it would become. It even won a "Clean Sweep" of the 2014 Parade of Homes, taking top pick among the judges in every category in its price point. SHIFT has 25 lots, and in order to avoid that notorious "cookie-cutter" look, we committed to only building The Aliyah plan 7 times there, even though we could have probably built and sold it for all 25 lots.

Since then, everyone still wants to know about "the cool rooftop deck," and if I plan to build any more. You spoke, I heard. Enter The Aria Plan. Think of it as the younger sibling of The Aliyah Plan, only bigger, with a more evolved design, and yes, that cool rooftop deck.

The Aria includes all of my signature design staples...

The Vast Great Room - Wide open spaces are abundant here, with the kitchen fully open to the living room, and vise versa. The living room includes a thoughtfully designed fireplace & entertainment wall that sits flush with one another for maximum views to the display. The kitchen includes a main appliance and cabinet wall that also includes 2 windows to provide additional natural lighting. The side cabinet wall provides numerous functional uses, from buffet, to coffee or martini bar. Of course the table is what so many people love...built-in, perfectly scaled, and ready to be as formal or as informal as you want to make it.

That Sexy Master Suite - It should be more than just a nice place to sleep. It should be a retreat, and that's just what the Aria Plan delivers, with a bedroom at nearly 18' x 14', and an updated bathroom design inspired by our other "Clean Sweep" award wining Plan, the Avodah Plan. A linear vanity with dual sinks provides plenty of elbow room, literally. (Consider going with custom concrete counter tops with molded sinks here!). Of course the show stopper is the optional "Wet Room", which encapsulates a stand-alone mod tub inside the oversized shower with frameless glass. If that's not important to you, we can always dial it back to a standard, separate bath and shower design.

Connectivity - If the idea of tripping over laundry and hampers on your way in to the house from the garage isn't attractive to you, then you'll likely love the thought of actually having the laundry room located conveniently next to where you actually store and put on your clothes. The Aria Plan includes our signature connectivity from the master closet to the laundry room, with secondary laundry access right off the hallway from the secondary bedrooms. It just makes sense, huh?

The Social Space - Whether it's for movie night, college football Saturdays, or a spaces for intense karaoke battles, this media room delivers. Located just atop the stairs from the foyer below, it weighs in at roughly 20' x 14', and provides a perfect space for an optional wet bar. The roomy powder bath just off the room provides quick relief during the commercial breaks, and if you need some fresh air, we've got you covered with the amazing rooftop party deck. Careful, if you invite friends up, they may never want to come down.

8-Ball, Corner Pocket (Study) - Unless you're still anchored to the desk with a big desktop computer tower and display, your computing habits have grown a bit more mobile. Yeah, a lot of people are saying that's the case. As a result, the trend in home office space is "the pocket study", which is a room designed with workspace in mind, just not a bunch of wasted space. So we've thoughtfully created this study just off the media room and party deck, with a great view of the front yard and beyond. It's really quite special.
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